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Green Distribution is a privately funded corporation, leading producer and marketer of building products. The company is focused on providing sustainable building products. Virgin Carpet is a brand of natural broadloom wool carpet from Green Distribution. We take pride in using high-grade wool that architects, interior designers, and distributors search for and recommend to their clients.

Our Brands

Aureole Roof Tile     A new roof tile that reduces air pollution.

Green Tile                Our floor tile and facades with recycled content that is low maintenance that reduces air pollution.

Suntiles                    Solar Energy Panels.

Virgin Carpet            Natural Broadloom wool carpet an environmentally preferable product.

Environmental Responsibility

We partner with transportation companies that belong to the smart way program. The smart way program promotes higher fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emissions. Green Distribution proudly has products that qualify for the energy star program or have other third party certifications which promote sustainability, energy conservation and efficiency. We reduce our carbon foot print by purchasing and planting trees in our national forests. To save trees and reduce waste green distribution uses paper and shipping containers that has been sourced from recycled or certified managed forests and are 100% recyclable. Our marketing materials use post-consumer waste and are printed with soy-based ink. We encourage customers to request and use electronic catalogs instead of paper to reduce paper usage.

Social Responsibility

Green Distribution' mission is to provide quality sustainable products that improve the environment and reduce product life cycle costs. Many of our products are produced domestically and are products that are only produced in factories that follow stringent safety and environmental standards. Our products are produced following current fair labor standards.

Have you ever wondered how wool is turned into carpets and rugs? Here’s a quick trip to the standard process that our high quality wool goes through at Virgin Carpets.




During warmer months of the year, sheep are gathered for shearing. Shearing their fleece absolutely doesn’t harm any sheep, and this process is actually beneficial for their welfare. Professional shearers are chosen to skillfully shear a sheep in two minutes or less. In a day, a skilled shearer can shear up to 250 sheep.Fleeces are collected, stored clean and dried after shearing. They are rolled and packed into a big wool sheet in preparation to be graded by the wool grading board in that respective location.


The sheared fleeces are then sent to the grading depots. These fleeces are graded according to their type. Types of wool are determined based on their texture, weight, length, color, and over-all quality. Fleeces of the same grade are compacted into bulk bales for easier transportation and storage.


Fleece boards setup wool for auctioning or selling.



Once the wool is obtained from the finest sheep fleece board, pure wool is transferred to the scouring plant for the first stage. During the scouring process, wool is washed clean with natural cleaners so not to damage the fibers in a series of baths to remove all the grease,mud, seeds, thorns, and other particles collected from the fields. Wool is rinsed thoroughly afterwards and is squeezed though rollers to prepare it for drying. Scoured wool means clean wool. By this point, wool already lost 30% of its weight because of the removal of impurities.


Carding Process

Scoured wool can still have unwanted particles such as straw, hay, and other foreign objects.The purpose of carding is to purify wool further. This is where the scoured wool enters a carding machine which is usually a series of rotating rollers with wires that gently separates the tufts of wool into individual fibers that will result in removal of foreign objects that remain in the wool. Carding makes the wool hairy and bulky.



Combing process removes the short fibers from the wool and draws out the long fibers to align them in one direction. The combing process prepares the wool for spinning.Combed wool is called worsted wool. This process may also be skipped in carpet and tapestry-making.


This process draws out the wool’s fibers into a continuous thread of uniform thickness. Worsted yarn or the wool that underwent combing is spun tighter than woolen yarn. Woolen yarn is often more used in carpets and rugs.


Yarn is now ready to be woven into a carpet. The process of weaving is intertwining of threads on a loom to make a warp, and weft. All of these are what makes sturdy,durable, and beautiful natural carpets that Virgin Carpet is very proud of.


You will notice that the process does not include addition of any chemical or toxic products at all. This is what makes pure wool very special – because the use of toxic chemicals has been eliminated, making our carpets and rugs naturally strong,durable, and beautiful.



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