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Virgin Carpet Company manufactures carpets and rugs from natural fibers. Our main focus is wool fiber from sheep. The sheep are sheared once a year which is essential for the health of sheep. The wool is all natural - raised on farms and minimally processed with out chemicals.

Natural Wool

People should knowthat sheep are the best source of wool and not a single sheep is ever harmedfor a yard of wool carpet. In fact, they produce wool for as long as they liveand occasional shearing of their fleece is healthy and necessary for their well-being.One sheep can produce around 2 to 30 lbs of wool every year. In the US, anaverage of 8.2 lbs of wool is produced per sheep every year. The weight, color,and texture of wool is dependent on what breed of sheep is being sheared. Sheepthat produce coarse fleece is the one used for making wool carpets andtapestries.


Regarded as themost sustainable, durable, and beautiful type of carpet, natural wool is alsovery safe because of its purity, resistance to stain, and repelling propertiesagainst flame. Due to wool’s natural fire-safe characteristics, wool carpet isspecified and required for commercial establishments and navigation vessels withthe most stringent flammability regulation like in passenger aircraft andcruise ships.


Quality That Lasts

There’s a sayingabout wool that we should keep in mind: “Wool is like a beautiful woman, itgrows old gracefully.”  This is very trueespecially when wool is given proper care because of wool’s naturalcharacteristics of being resilient, highly durable, stain resistant, fire-safe,soft, stain resistant, and elegant. Virgin Carpet’s carpets and rugs can becleaned easily by simply vacuuming. Spills are very easy to manage too becauseour natural wool carpets are repellent to spills.


So whether youchoose wool because it is ecological, beautiful or inherently superior to otherfibers, it is the finest choice for carpets and rugs in your home or commercialareas. Wool adapts to any environment, making it very resilient and outlasting.


Our Mission

It is our missionto provide quality sustainable products that improve the environment and reduceproduct life cycle costs. Many of our products are produced domestically andare products that are only produced in factories that follow stringent safetyand environmental standards. Our products are produced following current fairlabor standards.


Virgin Carpets are made out of natural wool.

Natural - We favor wool for is natural origin and superior strength.

Renewable - Wool is annually renewable natural resource, is easily recycled and has the ability to biodegrade without harming the planet.

Insulating - Wool has natural insulating properties which reduces heat loss, noise, providing improved comfort.

Air quality - Virgin carpet rapidly neutralizes indoor air contaminants such as formaldehyde. It also controls humidity by absorbing up to 35% of its own weight in liquid. Polluted indoor air can lead to discomfort and even ill health. Wool can reduce allergies, dust mites prefer hot humid environments.

Life Cycle - Virgin Carpets durability will reduce tracking and shading providing longer lasting appearance. Requires less energy to produce.

Maintenance - Our wool carpets can be easily cared for, it has an inbuilt resistance to soiling due to its natural oils.

Safety - Wool is naturally flame resistant and has the ability to self extinguish.

Our carpet can be used in many places including in the home, hotels, cruise ships and public buildings.

For our contract customers Virgin Carpet can be customized to suit your needs.
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