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Why Natural Wool?
Why Natural Wool?
Did you know that your choice of carpet to use will affect your living condition in the long run? Studies show that chemical-laden carpets may cause health problems as seen in chemical-sensitive individuals. We also should not neglect the alarming concerns for our environment, that’s why the products that we use on a daily basis must also be taken into account. The chemicals found in conventional carpets affect the air quality that circulates within the room where such carpeting is installed; that’s why a growing number of people look high and low for the best products that care for the environment as well as their health, without compromising quality. Virgin Carpet is here to provide you with all of that.
Why use Virgin Carpet’s natural wool? It’s simply because the natural wool that Virgin Carpet uses is non-toxic, chemical-free, extremely high in quality, very durable, and completely eco-friendly. Here are some reasons why Virgin Carpet is the best source of natural wool carpets and rugs:

Pure, natural wool is the best naturalcarpet and rug for home or commercial establishments. Pure wool feels verycomfortable and soft, and people find it looking very elegant and tranquilthat’s why it’s a favorite among interior designers and those who settle for noless than the most impeccable look for their homes. For clean air, durableinsulation, and fire-safe home or office, choose Virgin Carpet for your carpetand rugs. Our pure, natural wool carpets can withstand the test of time whileyou feel safe and secure about the air you breathe.

Those with a sense of style - and a sense of value - choose wool carpets and rugs. Why? Because wool simply looks beautiful, longer.

Natural wool ages gracefully, continually renewing itself and developing a rich patina as years pass. While synthetic fibers will become scratched, scarred and dull over time, wool carpets and rugs remain vibrant to the eye and supple to the touch.

Your style demands high design and high performance; natural wool delivers, year after year after year.

Do you know the real story about real wool carpets and rugs?
  • What makes wool so desirable? New Zealand wool is the whitest, cleanest, purest wool in the world - the natural choice for natural superiority.
  • Wool carpets and rugs are fire safe, providing beautiful peace of mind.
  • Wool absorbs contaminants in the air, improving the indoor air quality and helping you breathe easier.
  • Real wool will make your home more beautiful; and by its very nature, it can help save the earth.
Wool...The Natural Choice

Wool is durable, resilient, affords comfort and safety -- and it's a renewable resource! New Zealand wool is the purest, cleanest, whitest wool in the world. And the better the fiber, the better the carpet.

So whether you choose wool because it is ecological, beautiful or inherently superior to other fibers, it is the natural choice for carpets and rugs in your home or commercial environment. And it doesn't matter if you are on the French Riviera or in the Alps; wool performs wonderfully in all climates!

Fire Facts About Wool Carpet

A dropped cigarette. A tipped candle. A stray ember from the fireplace. Accidents happen. But better fiber means better carpet. And if it's wool, it's fire safe! What does that mean? Less chance of ignition, less likelihood of spreading, less smoke. So "fire safe" means peace of mind!

Wool's fire safe qualities include:
  • Naturally flame retardant
  • Difficult to ignite, due to a higher ignition temperature
  • Low flame-spread
  • Low heat release properties and low heat of combustion
  • Does not melt (or drip if used vertically)
  • Forms an insulating, cool char and self-extinguishes
  • Contributes less to smoke or toxic gas formation (compared to synthetic carpet pile fibers)
Consider This!

Because of its natural fire safe characteristics, wool carpet is specified for installations with the most stringent flammability regulation, such as passenger aircraft.

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