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Virgin Carpet produces only the best carpets and rugs made with the finest grade of earth-friendly wool intended for home or commercial use.


Made of natural performance fiber, our high quality carpets are made from New Zealand sheep wool that is known to produce the best natural carpets and rugs. Natural sheep wool is composed of over 20 amino acids that form chains of protein, making wool a highly versatile material. Carpets made from man-made fibers are only very “simple” in structure thus making carpets made of synthetic or man-made fibers lacking in special characteristics.


Our carpets have fantastic adaptive properties which reduce temperature during warm months and provide warmth during cooler season. It is mold and mildew resistant, it reduces condensation, reduces noise, improves air quality, and gives you a comfortable living or working space. Virgin Carpet uses wool that offers superior durability and performance. Our wool carpet reduces the effects of tracking, shading, and provides longer lasting appearance retention.


Because of its natural oils and scaled texture, Virgin Carpet is resistant to dirt, soil, and spills. Its natural characteristics act as a shield against dirt and even flame.Wool is naturally fire safe that’s why wool carpet is a top choice for high-class, safety-conscious establishments. Virgin Carpet complies with many international flammability regulations, because our wool carpets do not need any additional flame-repelling treatments. Virgin Carpet has high moisture and nitrogen content which makes it very difficult to ignite or spread fire when it comes to contact with it.


The ability of Virgin Carpet to self-extinguish makes it a highly-recommended product by contractors, architects, interior designers, and even the local government for residences and public buildings and transport vehicles.


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